6 Creative Sentence Structures to Uplift your Writing Skills with No Effort

English sentence structure or creative writing often seems unapproachable. Holding a pen, sitting on a writing table, you can find yourself in a packed room where creativity could be ahead of your thinking. Yes, you can write simple, but the sentence structure lacks creativity.

Astonishingly, you can discover the easiest ways to ascend your writing to rule the heavens. Creativity no longer would unease you: your creative writing skills smoothly lay down on the paper through the following fantastic ways.

1: The first and everlasting sentence structure that we all are habitual users. The subject and the verb, where you keep the subject before the verb;

Subject+ Verb

  • I write a story.
  • You go to school every day.
  • The bus picks up school kids every day.

This formula of creating sentences is relatively more straightforward, and mostly everyone has practiced it a lot during the academic journey.

Remember, if you simply follow this, you would not reach the advanced level of writing. Exciting and well-organized text is a combination of different sentence structures.

2: Writing sentences with the answer to questions⸺when and where⸺ gives an incredible throw to your creativity. Undoubtedly, the sentences that keep uniformity do not attract readers. Look at the following examples:

  • At the railway station, there was a terrible accident.
  • Besides the shopping mall, there is an incredibly stunning park.
  • Near the pond, you can find a jogging track.
  • After lunch, we played in the park.
  • Before going to bed, I read a thriller story.

Don’t forget to put a comma in the first phrase. creating interesting sentences simply paints a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and that calls your success as a writer.

3. Asking a question makes the reader think. Questioning as a starter of a sentence intrigues the readers greatly. However, it’s much essential to answer the question at the start of the next sentence.

  • Do you know what the healthiest fruit is in the world?
  • Who is the most famous holly wood star in the world person in the world?

whenever you start a sentence with a question, you cannot forget to answer the question in the first paragraph like

Question: Have you had your breakfast today?

Answer: Skipping breakfast, ultimately, leads your health toward a gradual decline.

Great sentences are the asset of any writer that turns your thoughts into a real picture.

4: the sentences start with ing- phrases that motivate readers to indulge in something fantastic. Remember, ing- phrase can be created using only action words.

  • run+ing
    Running in the morning, she felt some mysterious on the jogging track.
  • Watch+ing
    watch the movie. I could prepare dinner today without exhausting.

5: Verbs or action words with the addition of ed at the start of the sentence is a superb choice for creating a fantastic text. The verb+ed combination tweaks the text and turns into a robust sentence structure that pulls out the reader like a magnet.

  • Pretended like a novice, the teacher refused to teach higher classes.
  • Behaved nicely, she avoided discussing.her colleague’s weaknesses.

It’s too important to link your sentences with a powerful and strong start because it will link and connect your ideas coherently to win the reader’s mind.

6: The other robust creative structure is using ly words. Most of the ly words are adverbs, so starting a sentence using a strong adverb increases the interest of the reader.

  • Fearfully, she crossed the dark jungle.
  • Happily, she found a little kitten from the park.

All structures mentioned above give an incredible insight into creative writing and help you come out of the fear of getting along with fantastic sentences. Either you are in middle school, completing your O/A levels, or in any professional college, this writing structure will surely provide you with excellent writing skills.

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