9 Amazing Tips about Fiction Writing You Would Never Know Before 2020

Fiction writing is all about developing amazing and unique Characters through your: own memory, experiences, observations emotions desires, and the way you feel your interaction with people. Here are the 10 amazing tips that can help you to write a better fictional story.

  1. Your secret ingredient of your fiction writing practice.
  2. Use your five senses to get astonishing fiction
  3. Choose and develop a character using notebook details
  4. Create your own pace
  5. Choose your creative environment
  6. Heightens up your reading habit
  7. Establish your originality
  8. Create simple sentences
  9. Observe common things from your life

1. Your secret ingredient of your Fiction Practice

Find your secret helper

Your notebook seems to work like a secret ingredient that is supposed to be mixed into your complete recipe later on. No matter would it be your school, your friends’ party or would be your
Grocery store. Simply, start taking notes whenever something strikes you, or amazed you or might be irritating you. These all notes-eventually-would turn into your fictional characters, events later on.

2. Use your five-senses to get astonishing fiction

Now, it’s time to reflect upon your noting. Dive into your notes. Go through the characters, their physical appearance, the way they talk. You might have heard somebody’s creaking voice. You might have felt a deep sensation when somebody’s hand would have scrubbed you accidentally, you might have smelled the reeked of heavy perfume when somebody crossed you at a grocery store.

3. Choose and develop a character using notebook details

Use your note book all the time

While going through your collection, strat choosing and polishing characters-start with one – revealing acute details – you need to be immersed with the character. Pen down the physical details in more than 100 words then add more than 100 words to the nature of the same character. Read other famous writers’ fiction, choose different characters, and carry out a complete investigation of how they have used their characters. Check the narration of the character and how they have been associating with their narrations through their physical and emotional relationship.

4. Create your own pace

Just start working

Taking the first step to creating fiction is always difficult regardless of experienced or inexperienced writers. Here, your secret ingredient——yes, your notebook——will push you to start your writing journey. Keep revising or keep visiting your notes that will help you to build tremendous elements of writing fiction.

5. Choose your creative environment

Try to figure out what kind of environment and the time of the day or night accelerates your creative skills more.

  • You might like your study with coffee and a comfortable chair
  • You might have a fantastic and super easy bed with yellow lights on side tables.
  • You might work best while sitting in a library with soft music using your headphones

So, it all depends upon your creative nature. What do you like most? Remember, having a comfortable, cozy environment is as necessary as a pen, simply, while you cannot write without a pen, you cannot write without an environment of your choice.

6. Heightens up your reading habit

Reading is the only solution for unbeatable fiction

The more you will read others’ fiction, the more you will be creative with your own. Importantly, reading anything apart from fiction would increase your close observations and your sense of creativity will be enhanced for sure.

7. Establish your originality

Though reading a lot of material is key to success, your own style, and originality needs to develop along with your very first piece of writing.

How you will do it;

Yes, you can find an antagonist, a protagonist, a climax, real stories, and all other regular stuff in every fictional story, but the actual success is to create new top-notch fictional text using your imagination with same, old elements.

8. Create simple sentences

Let’s find out about simplicity. Readability is the most significant part of your writing.whatever you write, whatever your idea about, it should be written in a quite simple, concise, or succulent way so the reader could enjoy your imagination. Simple and interesting sentences lead to a sound interest in your fictional piece.

9. Observe common things from your life

Observation is significant

Although fiction is a completely unrealistic approach, you can develop fictional stories based on real events or truth. The common, boring, or mundane events of daily life can simply be converted into exotic, fantastical fictional stories.

Break the ice—————-start creating your own piece of Fiction.

There you go with smart, amazing, and useful tips and ideas to get into the world of fiction writers. What are you waiting for then?—-pen down your observations and be a great fiction writer?

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