Tips to get the Band 9 in IELTS/TOEFL

Tips to write band 9 essays- Get the Soul of Authentic Writing level

Having difficulty passing the exam of IELTS with band 9 or any other academic writing test with the highest score? Without knowing the basics of academic writing, nobody can even make a successful try to write academically. It’s a common practice that school or college writing may assure that you are a legend of academic writing, in reality, it’s not the true picture though.

All the educational institutes try to embed the skill of academic writing purposefully; however, it may seem like they fail to provide them ample information about the perks of classic academic writing. For this similar reason, after completing their higher education, graduates join language institutes to get prepared for any language test. (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc)

So let’s start with the acute chunks of information to supersede the informal writing with the profound academic writing;

Tiers of Vocabulary:

Being a smart learner, or an educator everyone should have substantial knowledge of TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3 words. Tier one words are simple words like speak, walk, read, happy, etc. On the other hand, Tier two words are high-frequency words that are quite crucial to improve academic writing skills, for example, the word “say” can be converted into mention, comment OR, the word “scary” can be written as sinister, eerie, menacing, Finally, Tier three words are subject-specific words and are found in specific disciplines like as Science, Maths, Geography. With the level of low -frequency words, tier three words could be illustrated as brick, Lava, pumice, respiratory system, amendment, etc.

Usage of main verbs rather than helping verbs:

Stepping right into academic writing tests always prefers the adequate use of main verbs instead of helping verbs. it’s a kind of writing technicality that pushes writing onto higher levels, obviously, academically too.

To illustrate :
He is a naughty boy who is scared of darkness only. (helping verbs usage)

He seems to be a naughty boy who always avoids darkness that frightens him up. (usage of main verbs instead)

This formula would aid the students in writing skills exceptionally; though it needs a lot of practice and passion as it involves the process to learn new vocabulary. Students of any language test (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL) can authenticate this suggestion in any band 9 essay- essentially- you will find it.

Variety of sentence structures:

The other foremost area of academic writing is a variety of sentence formations. There are four kinds of sentence structures that are truly important to turn your writing into a complete academic form.

Namely, simple- compound, complex, and compound-complex.

Without knowing the accurate use of all four structures, any writing cannot be reached to its full impact. A great essay always a mixture of all four structures.


Thus, knowing your potential, you can be a master of academic writing if you know the context of vocabulary, the usage of dynamic verbs, and the variety of sentences. Using the all above strategies, your writing could be achieved the desired level of your writing skills.

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