Why Should We Hire You? 5 Genius Answers

Preparing for an interview could not be less than a nightmare, mainly when you are a fresher. Further, the question “ Why should I hire you?” complements the daunting task of the interview.

Getting through an interview requires your full potential and preparation. Your preparation should be based on your skills and experiment; however, a fresher cannot picture the experience, so the newbie must be employing all his skills to get through successfully.

The majority of interviews do not proceed without the question,” why should I hire you?’. It is a relatively easy question, but actually, it could be the most complicated question of the entire interview. The answer shows your ability to flaunt off your expertise and skills.

Life-Changing Tips to get hired

In reality, First Interview and later the question”Why should I hire you?” needs your full concentration. To prepare, you need to:

  • Dig out the unique job skills you are applying to and co-relate with your skills.
  • Maintain the coherence among your expertise and required skills for the position.
  • A complete grip over the companies profile would be another fantastic approach.
  • Prepare yourself that you are going to sell yourself and bring out the ever best part of your profile.
  • Merge the unique qualities of yours with the job requirement
  • Never focus on repeating the qualifications written on the CV, since it could be the most weaker part of your interview.
  • Avoid using weak adjectives like smart, confident, well qualified, etc.
  • Present, decently, all those qualities that you possess. Do not be over smart.

Pre-interview preparations would boost your confidence. Nevertheless, the underlying problems of the question would still surround your capability. There you go with few significant ideas to cater to that question and could support you with a tremendous variety of possible answers.

Conquering answer 1:

I would love to answer that question. Perhaps it’s my favorite one since its answer highlights all my practical skills. Importantly, you have an advantage over me because the person you are looking for must possess outstanding managerial skills, and I have been awarded in my last company for the same capacity. Therefore, your primary concern resolves if you hire me.

Conquering answer 2:

I believe that my IT skill is the exact match of your search. Even I am the one who holds all the responsibilities of the IT department to disseminate the information in all operational offices. Mainly, I have multiple certifications in web designing and upgrading the content. I believe that your demand to have an able candidate in this discipline would indeed match my profile, and that is the reason which attracts me towards your company.

Conquering answer 3:

Corporate Communication and articulation of ideas are the top required skills in job listings; similarly, your demand surrounds to approach the candidate who is highly skilled in the communication, can efficiently deal with a variety of aspects, and can perform better through strategic planning. My ultimate planning and communication strategies give me the confidence to assure you that I could be your perfect choice.

Conquering answer 4:

As a fresher, I do not fall in your experienced category though, the requirement of multitasking stands me out throughout my entire educational tenure as I have been serving in a restaurant as a junior accountant. Managing a job with the university education taught me how to handle pressure, how to prioritize different assigned targets, and how to maintain social life along with this burdon. I believe any multitasker can also benefit you for all the required skills in your advertisement so do I.

Conquering answer 5:

I m glad to answer the question with my full potential. I know that I am having entirely different work experience, but you may well aware that the key responsibilities are quite similar as you go to a higher level. Strategic planning, excellent communication, and leadership qualities have been an asset of my long, cherished 10 years corporate journey. With this successful journey, I have a strong database of potential clients according to your demand and I am sure I can do wonders in the asked capacity as well.

Above are the few outstanding examples that you can choose and alter according to your job experience and job demand. Always keep the answer as simple as you can to justify yourself for the job you are going to apply. Further, tweak your answers by adding your original skills and abilities and win the job.

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