Topic Sentence: How to Write a Fantastic Topic Sentence

Topic sentence keeps enormous importance to write an essay. It helps to keep your ideas coherent and organized. It allows your readers to understand your argument correctly.

If you look at any sports shop, you would know that if you enter the shop, you will find all the stuff related to sports and fitness, likewise, when you read a perfect topic sentence, you get to know about the paragraph its idea.

A paragraph in an essay — just remember — must start with a topic sentence.

They are ideals for every essay, like in IELTS, TOEFL., PTE, CSS, or O/A levels.

They are different from Introductions and conclusions, your introduction is your thesis statement, and your conclusion is the summary of your entire essay.

What is a topic sentence?

  • It considers the most crucial sentence of the paragraph.
  • It remains—usually—AT the start of the paragraph.
  • It guides a reader on what is coming ahead in the paragraph.
  • It focuses on the main point of the paragraph.
  • It tells your reader what your paragraph is about.
  • It casts light on the main idea of the paragraph.
  • It contains only one idea in a sentence so the reader could not get confused.

Throughout the paragraph, you must focus on one topic or one central idea that should reflect your topic sentence.

With complete information, this sentence acts as an umbrella that covers everything underneath it. On the one side, it should connect to the thesis statement, and on the other side, it should chain with supporting ideas and examples within the paragraph.

Topic Sentence for IELTS-TOEFL or any English Language Essay

How to explain the topic sentence?

It should be providing general and relevant information in the paragraph.
It should be concise.
It should be specific about the topic(do not add opinion)
It should include the reasons or claims that connect the thesis statement or introduction.
There should be only one topic sentence in each paragraph. (if there is another opinion, change your paragraph)

Examples of Topic sentence

1: Dense traffic considers the main issue to pollute the air.

This example focuses on one main idea that tells the reader that in the entire paragraph, you will be focusing that among many other reasons, Dense traffic is the one idea or reason to pollute the air.

The focus is on only one cause of polluting the air.

2: There are many issues to cause pollution in the air.

Can it be a good topic sentence? The above sentence is too general and stating not a single idea.

Instead, it is too general that your reader cannot define that paragraph’s purpose since you are talking about many problems.

Let’s see another example.

3: E-books are a vital tool to gain information.

There are many tools to gain information — but — the above sentence shows the one main idea that one primary tool to gain knowledge is e-books.

Finally, your topic sentence’s job is to TELL THE READER WHAT IS THE PURPOSE of your paragraph is. The more you will be specif; the more your topic sentence would be clear and robust.
Make it simple and straightforward with the topic of your paragraph.

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